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Three reasons to get a nebolink today!

1. Fully automated voyage logging

2. Share your location with family and friends

3. Detailed daily and monthly reports

Your nebolink comes ready to go with a pre-installed SIM, so you don’t need to worry about data plans or using your phone’s data allowance.

How does the monthly subscription work?

Your monthly subscription at USD 12.00, AUD 13.50 (inc. GST) or GBP 9.00 (inc. VAT) will be added to the cart when you click the Buy Now button. Easy!

Best of all, all data transmission is included in your low monthly subscription, and you can pause or cancel at anytime.

Step up to industry-leading logging and radically improved safety today!

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  • Nebo Subscription (Monthly)

Who’s got your back?

Make nebolink an automated part of your safety regime.

Unlike your chart plotter or EPIRB, your rugged and reliable nebolink continually transmits your location on the water.

If an emergency occurs and your EPIRB isn’t activated, your location in nebo can be used to send aid.

Automated Reports

Check out the automated reports you get via your nebolink! Incredibly detailed voyage logs and handy monthly summaries arrive in your inbox without you lifting a finger…

Our nebolink has worked flawlessly, and I’d heartily recommend it to anyone wanting to stay safe on the water and automatically log their voyages. It is also a great way to help out & keep in touch with fellow boaters.

HS, Florida USA

We discovered so many benefits, apart from just the logging, that Nebo has become a permanent fixture on Holy Cow. Our nebolink has logged every nautical mile, automatically. Why wouldn’t you love that?!

KC, Sydney Australia

With nebolink onboard you’ll

Get an alert whenever your boat moves (including on land for trailer boats)

Receive detailed voyage and monthly reports

Enable friends & family to follow your voyage

Connect with friends on the water

Safety and privacy is important, so use nebolink to log your voyages and optionally allow friends on land to monitor your location.

Forget old fashioned logbooks or trying to remember where you went! Nebo emails you a complete log at the end of each voyage.

If your boat is stolen on land or on the water, your nebolink notifies you of its location so you can alert authorities.

Rugged and waterproof, your nebolink is 100% automated, so you’ll spend more time enjoying your boat!

Questions? Throw us a line here!

Example of possible nebolink boat tracker software interface

Love that the tracker is automatic and always on. The daily and monthly reports are amazing and they include any photo you tag on the day’s journey. I felt the cost was well worth it.

JS, Florida USA

Get a nebolink on board today!

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