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Nebo – Boat Logging Made Easy!

Nebo is a boat logging app that makes it easy to record and share your boating memories and experiences.

You can share your boat log with family and friends, members of your club, or with the larger community via social media.

Nebo Nebo Nebo

Get on the water
and tap start.

If you like smart technology that’s easy to use, you’ll love Nebo

Just download the Nebo boat logging app, set up your Nebo profile and tap start.

  • Automatic Boat Log Keeping
  • On water community interaction
  • Streamlined sharing via social media

boat log-keeping

Tap Start, then leave the rest to Nebo

  • Automatic detailed boat logs, including weather observations
  • Add photos to enhance your boat log and preserve your memories
  • Daily Boat Log emailed to your account
  • Share your boating voyage with guests, friends and family
  • Monthly reports make a great record of your boat usage
  • Makes it super easy to allocate costs for shared boats
  •  Click to view  Voyage report and monthly report PDF



Hi Everyone in Mistral Bay.
I’ve got a problem with a bilge pump.
See photo. Can anyone help me out?


Hi Bob! What's the problem and how urgently do you need it fixed? It could cost you a beer!

Share on-water

With Nebo, it’s easy to interact with other Nebo users on the water, sharing local information and experiences.

  • Send messages and photos to friends
  • Request assistance from a nearby boat
  • Keep in contact, even when you’re unlucky enough to be stuck on land
  • Broadcast a message to a group or flotilla

Track Me

Share your location with anyone via SMS, email, WhatsApp, Messenger etc.  They’ll see a map showing your location, without having to install Nebo!

Use Nebo’s Track Me to complement your normal safety routine.  It’s nice to know someone has your back!


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