Automated voyage logging and enhanced safety


  • Fully automated trip logging
  • Peace-of-mind knowing where your boat is at all times - on and off the water
  • A connected community of boat lovers across the globe
Small black electronic boat tracking device called nebolink

If safety is important to you, use nebolink to log your voyages and optionally allow friends on land to monitor your location.

Forget old fashioned logbooks, Nebo emails you a complete log at the end of each voyage.

If your boat is stolen on land or on the water, your nebolink notifies you of its location so you can alert authorities.

Rugged waterproof, your nebolink is 100% automated, so you spend less time logging your journey and more time enjoying it.

Your affordable monthly subscription covers data transmission, trip logging and reporting with no unexpected data charges or lock in contracts. 


There’s no need to start and stop your tracker at the beginning and end of your voyage – nebolink automatically starts logging when your boat moves and ends logging when your boat stops. You’ll receive a detailed map and voyage log in your inbox after each trip, as well as comprehensive monthly reports. Perfect for:

  • Logging your boat usage
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Allocating costs for shared boat use
  • Recording boat usage for insurance claims


Unlike your chart plotter or EPIRB, your rugged and reliable nebolink continually transmits your location on the water. If an emergency occurs and your EPIRB isn’t activated, your location in Nebo can be used to send aid. Don’t want your location to be known? Just activate stealth mode! Whether your boat is sitting in your driveway or at a marina, nebolink provides peace-of-mind security with automated notifications whenever your boat moves. Share your location with friends and family via your favourite messaging service ¬ a perfect complement to your boating safety regime. And as part of the Nebo community, you can message nearby Nebo users if you need assistance (or a bottle opener!)


Create and share memories with nebolink. With automatic syncing to the free Nebo app, seafarers can share their journey with friends, family and fellow boaters.

  • Share photos, stories and voyage tracks with your friends in the Nebo community
  • Keep track of friends on the water
  • Share your adventures with unfortunate friends stuck on land



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