We’ve Hit 50,000 Nebo Users Worldwide!

Nebo reaches 50,000 downloads

We’re thrilled to report that Nebo has been downloaded 50,000 times since we launched 14 months ago.

It’s a significant milestone for a specialised app, and we’d like to thank all of you for your support.

Primarily designed as a tool to automate the time-consuming task of logging sea voyages using advanced geofencing technology, Nebo’s has constantly been evolving into so much more thanks to your feedback.

Now offering the worlds best on-water community, it has never been easier to find, connect and interact with boating friends.

The key words above are “boating friends”. Nebo isn’t trying to build a broad social platform like Facebook. The aim is to keep Nebo as the go-to marine app by being about all things boating, and all about sharing the journey. Definitely no cute cat videos!

By connecting with like-minded boaters in Nebo you can now share voyages and photos, ask questions, share important information, simply arrange sunset drinks and of course have each others back while on the water.

Nebo is also a great addition to your regular safety routine. Fellow boaters and those on land can see where you are at all times making for a safer boating community.

Check out how these articles to help you get the most out of Nebo:

Nebo is free on iTunes and Google Play so feel free to spread the word. The more users the stronger the community.

We’re all about making boating easier, safer and more FUN!

For any feedback, questions or to suggest a feature we may not have thought of, please contact us at info@nebo.global, we’d love to hear from you!

The Nebo team

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