Want to operate in Stealth Mode?

Sometimes it’s great to be in communication with fellow boaters, and sometimes it’s not.

While there are safety and social reasons to allow your location to be seen by others on the water, you can always decide to hide your location.

It’s easy. Just go to:

Other > Settings > Profile Visibility >

Nebo - boat logging app - stealth mode

You can choose between:

    • Visible to Public
    • Visible to My Groups only
    • Visible to None

If you choose “Visible to None”, no one will get to know your favourite fishing spot!

One Nebo fan, Andrea Brown wrote to us explaining why she loves the ability to change modes.

I have a 18 year old son who is a fanatical fisherman. He and his friends all have tinnies and regularly meet up on the water in Moreton Bay. We have set them up as a group and switched Nebo to “Visible to My Groups only”. This way their friends can find each other easily and I can see where they all are at all times which is great for my peace of mind. Before Nebo I had no real way of knowing where they are so thank you very much Nebo!”

Nebo is built for people like you, so please send any feedback, comments or suggestions to info@nebo.global. It would be great to hear from you.

Happy boating!
The Nebo Team

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