[Video] Nebo for recreational boat owners

Nebo is taking the world by storm (definitely no pun intended), as it relieves you of the time-consuming task of logging your boating experiences. Simply press start and Nebo automatically tracks and logs your boating adventures.

We have produced this short video to show you the many benefits of Nebo:

Nebo allows you to communicate with others on the water which is great if you need assistance or just want to invite people to your boat for a sundowner!

You can even send a ‘Track Me’ link to family and friends for their piece of mind. They’ll see a map showing your location, without having to install Nebo.

Nebo sends you a daily boating log with your track, log, weather and any photos you have taken along the way. This is great for record keeping and preserving your precious boating memories. Nebo seamlessly shares with all social media allowing you to share your journey with family and friends, members of your club, or with the larger community.

Nebo is all about making boating easier, safer and more fun!

If you love boating, you’ll love Nebo.

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