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Taking photos in Nebo is a great way of enhancing your log and preserving your memories. We understand that sometimes you want to take a photo for your own log but not share it. Here is how to take a photo & save it but not share it to the Nebo Feed.

From any screen in Nebo:

  • Click the ‘Camera’ icon in the centre of the bottom menu and take your pic.
  • You can then add a ‘Photo caption’, this is optional.
  • You then see “SAVE & SHARE”, click this if you want to save this pic to your log AND share your pic to the Nebo Feed for people you have friended in Nebo to see.
  • If you want to save it just for your log only, click on the “EYE ICON” to the right of SAVE & SHARE, you will be presented with the option SAVE. Click this to save to your ‘My Logs’. This photo will not be shared on the Nebo Activity Feed.
  • If you don’t like the pic and don’t want to save or share it, simply click the back arrow at the top left.
How to take a photo & save it but not share it to the Nebo Feed

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