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Never forget to unplug your shore-power or to take ice again! You can now create a customised start-up list for each of your boats in Nebo. You can set up your Pre-start Checklists by choosing from a range of suggestions or you can completely customise the list to suit your boat.

They are quick and easy to set up. Simply go to:

  • Other > Profile > My Boats >
  • Then choose the boat you wish to set up with a checklist >
  • Scroll down to ‘Pre-start Checklist’ >
  • You will then be presented with a pre-populated list. You can delete any of these that are not relevant by clicking on the red circle to the left of the item, then hit DELETE.
  • To add new items, click on the “+” sign in the top right of screen, then scroll to the bottom and type in your extra item/s.
  • Be sure to scroll to the bottom and hit SAVE to save your list.
  • NOTE: You can easily re-order these in order of importance, simply drag and drop each item to where you want them.

After setting up your Pre-start Checklist, when you ‘Prepare for Voyage’, you will see your Pre-start Checklist under your boat name. Simply click on the list and tick off your list before your get underway.

set up your pre-start checklists in Nebo

This feature helps you always remember the critical items that must be addressed before departing the marina or anchorage. Happy boating!

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