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Nebo’s Activity Feed is where information you share gets posted. When you save a voyage it will automatically be posted to the Nebo feed (unless you turn this function OFF). Here is how to turn this function off to hide your logs and photos from the Nebo feed:

  • When you are underway and want to finish your voyage, click STOP
  • You will then see ‘Share to Feed’ above ‘Stop Voyage’ & below ‘Engine Hours’.
  • Simply toggle this button OFF, if you do not wish to share your voyage to your feed.
hide your logs and photos from the Nebo feed


  • Your voyages and photos are only shared with Nebo users you’ve specifically ‘friended’. Click here to find out How to Find and Connect With Friends in Nebo.
  • Your posts do not get shared to their friends, unless they are also your friends.
  • You can also decide not to share particular voyages and photos at any time. If you wish to share a voyage, simply click the ‘Share to Feed’ button back ON.

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