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When you launch Nebo

You can search for a boat or skipper
Click a boat to view details
Get ready to go

Starting a Voyage

Give your voyage a name (optional)
Add the crew (optional)

When you're underway

Speed & weather forecast
Track colored by speed
Take a Photo
Duration & Distance
Toggle between map or list view
Add your own Log entries and weather observations

Reviewing your logs

Share with friends via Facebook
Review each day's tracks and photos

Share your location

Use 'Track Me' to share your location with others, even if they don't have Nebo

Go to: Other > Friends > Track Me > Share My Location

Click “Share my location” to share a link via SMS, email, WhatsApp, Messenger etc.

They'll see your location, and even the current weather.

Share your voyage on social media

Include your photos, track and daily statistics

Daily Logs

Emailed to you each morning

Find and Connect

Check out your friends voyages in the “Activity” feed

Like your friend's post
Comment on a recent trip

To find out how to find and connect with friends, click here.

Contact Nebo

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Nebo, and how you think we could make Nebo even better.