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Hey there, I just want to let you know that we’re loving nebo! I’ve shared our experience with it on our America’s Great Loop Association forum, and we are getting more and more cruisers using it! There are dozens of boats along the northern east coast, and we have met many of them on our journey. It is really great to see other boats’ locations or when they are moving along – we all love that feature- We can see who is coming and going all along the way.
Thanks for a fun and very useful product!

Karen – Island Girl.


This app is actually great!
I just started using NEBO and I’m thrilled with the functionality.
I’m often organising friend trips where we sail in 2-3 boats and this friends functionality will be great to track where the other friends are and see our routes if we organise small friend regattas. Keep up the work!

Regards, Radek Antoniuk


Great App with smart features – We frequently go boating and we have started using Nebo for each voyage. We love that we can get a daily voyage log and we especially like seeing who else is at Anchorage’s we might be visiting as it allows us to message them through the app and ask for condition reports. It also allows us to invite our family or friends who are out with us to monitor our voyage track in real time. Really smart platform.



Easy to use, useful & fun – We were introduced to this app whilst on a flotilla sailing holiday in Croatia. It was so easy to use, just started the journey each day and then ended it when we moored up for the night. We could track where we were at all times (as well as where other boats in our flotilla were) and it gave accurate views of the harbours & marinas which made it really easy navigating our way in at the end of the day. When we came home I realised we could print off an our daily maps and details of each days sailing, which included hrs if sailing, wind speeds, nautical miles covered and much more. I even gave a weekly summary. I would definitely recommend this app for accuracy and ease of use.



Must have app for boaters  – This is the most comprehensive boating app that perfectly do all logging and tracking needed for you.Love to scroll back to view our lovely memories with the family. Very nice and useful. Thanks,



I love it .. Have been using it on this years voyage to Cooktown and back. Reported a few things to admin and have been fixed.



Thanks for a great app. It works as advertised is easy to use and I haven’t had any problems with it so far. Really like this app and the ability to look over logs at the end of the day is great. The email log is a very nice touch and good since I don’t need to count engine hours in my head!

Thanks again it’s nice to know there are some great apps about and this one even has someone at the other end!

The app was advertised in the Club Marine magazine and that’s where I picked it up from. Thanks again!



Thanks guys, I was on Coast Guard duty and just logged our morning as a trial. I think your app is a beauty and hope it goes well. I’ll be delving into it and sharing. Cheerz



Love Nebo! We own 2 boats and have rarely kept a log which I regret as I have not recorded so many years of wonderful boating memories. Nebo does it all for us so now. We just hit start, let Nebo do it’s thing and then print the reports for our log book. It is also a great record of our boats capabilities should we ever wish to sell. Great app which I highly recommend to anyone who loves boating. Thanks!



The reports are fantastic!! Great boat log. Thanks!



Great for tracking my journey in my power boat and kayak.



Again thanks for your response. Since my last response the boat icon has now appeared, so thanks for whatever it is you have done. May I repeat it is a great app and a wonderful and accurate record keeper.



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