Running Nebo on Samsung devices

Smartphone manufacturers are constantly trying to prolong battery life on their phones. Fair enough. But sometimes they go too far!

Troublehsooting info for nebo customers with Samsung phones

Samsung in particular actively turns apps off in the background, and when that’s done to Nebo your voyage can’t be reliably logged.

Thankfully, there’s a fix!

You need to make a setting change that tells your phone not to put Nebo to sleep.

The best description of how to do so is here:

Samsung is the worst offender for killing background apps

If this description doesn’t fit with the menu structure on your phone and you can’t work out how to add Nebo to the ‘unmonitored apps’ list, please email and we’ll help you resolve it.

Here are some links to more information on the issue:

Don’t kill my app!

Is Samsung aggressively killing backgrounds apps on Android 11?

See you on the water!

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