NEW! Pre-start Checklists

One of the great features of the latest Nebo release is the ‘Pre-start Checklist’. Basically, you can define a checklist to be displayed whenever you prepare for a voyage.

Shore power off, enough fuel, check in with coast guard – you choose what to include. It’s a great way to ensure you remember the critical items, and importantly, it’s easy to use and doesn’t get in the way of all the other features on the Nebo boating app.

Nebo Boat Logging App - start-up check list

You don’t need to complete the boat start-up checklist, but if you do it’s stored with your log.

Each of your boats can have its own checklist, and they’re easy to set up:

Go to ‘Other’, then ‘My Boats’, and tap your boat’s name. Scroll to the bottom and tap ‘Pre-start Checklist’. You can delete the example items, add your own, and change their order.

Give it a go, and please let us know what you think at, we’d love to hear from you.

The Nebo team

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