[New Feature] Automatic Voyage Naming

Longreach Bay - Rottnest Island - Nebo

how to name a voyage in NeboSince we launched Nebo, we’ve been automatically naming voyages by their day of the week, for example “Saturday Morning Voyage”. This is OK, but not very informative.

The new version of Nebo now uses our geofence library, and where possible, names your voyage according to your start and end locations.

See the example here where the voyage was started at Longreach Bay and ended at Rouse Head Harbour. The title of the voyage was automatically constructed by Nebo.

If we don’t have a geofence name where you start or stop your voyage, Nebo inserts the lat/lon coordinates instead.

Remember you can rename the voyage yourself. To do this, simply tap the voyage in My Logs, then the pencil icon and then type in your own voyage title.

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