NEW App Update Out Now!

Nebo Update Out Now

Say hello to the latest Nebo update!

To round out the year, we’ve put a new Nebo release up on the Apple and Android stores.  Please make sure you update Nebo on your devices, and let us know how you go on your next voyage!


This new release includes a few important updates:

Improved Messaging:

We’re finding many more skippers are using Nebo to chat each other, so we’ve done some significant work behind the scenes to make messaging more efficient and reliable.  So use Nebo to have a chat with your boating friends, or use Nebo to make some new ones!

New Hybrid Map

By popular demand, we’re now displaying geographic locations on the satellite map.  Previously you needed to swap to ‘normal’ map view to see locations, but not anymore.  Towns, roads etc. are now displayed in both views, so it’s easier to keep your bearings as you pan around the map.

Android 9 Bug Fix

There was a significant issue that stopped Nebo running on Android 9 that we’ve now addressed.  So, if you have an Android device and have had problems running Nebo, make sure you update the app and then give it another go.  Please let us know how you go!

Thanks to all of you for your support, ideas and feedback through 2018.  We’re looking forward to bringing you some fantastic new features during 2019 and to seeing the Nebo community continue to grow and grow!

The Nebo team.


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