Nebo Tracker has launched!

Nebo users asked for automated voyage starts/stops, improved safety and added security.  Our answer is Nebo Tracker, a small GPS/cellular device that’s easily installed on your boat.  Really easily!

There are heaps of benefits to having a Nebo Tracker on board:

  • Get a notification whenever your boat moves.  Great for security!
  • Automatically log your voyages, without having to start and stop Nebo.  There’s no need to run Nebo on your phone or tablet, other than for photos and notes.
  • Be confident that your family and friends will always know your boat’s location (if you want them to!).  Great for safety!

Nebo Tracker is rugged, waterproof and comes pre-loaded with a SIM for a cellular data connection.  All data transmission costs are included in the low monthly fee.  You don’t need to worry about excess data charges or managing another plan.

Don’t use your boat year round?  No problem.  Get Nebo Tracker with a 6 month subscription.

Want all of Nebo Tracker’s benefits year round?  Get a 12 month subscription.  Remember, you’ll be notified if your boat moves, even if you’re at home or a continent away.

Jump on board, and experience the efficiency and peace of mind only Nebo Tracker can bring.

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