[Video] Nebo helps revolutionise the Charter Boat Industry

Nebo is the mobile app that is revolutionising the charter boat industry by helping charter companies streamline their operations and enhance their customers’ experience.

As an operator you can see where your entire fleet is at all times and communicate directly with individual boats, groups or your whole fleet. This will improve your record keeping, operational efficiency and client safety.

Check out this short video here which highlights the many benefits of Nebo to charter boat operators.

For charter guests, Nebo brings peace of mind because they’re never out of touch. Nebo automatically logs their voyages and sends them a daily pdf with photos, weather, destinations and a detailed log preserving their memories long after their holiday is over.

Charter guests can easily share their holiday adventures to social media, branded with your company logos and hashtags. It’s a great way to take your online presence to a new level.

Nebo is all about making managing vessels easier and enhancing your customers’ experience.

So if you’re serious about a smarter way to operate, get onboard with Nebo.

Contact us today. Setup is easy and the benefits immediate.

Email: info@nebo.global

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