Track Jon Sanders’ 11th Circumnavigation with Nebo

Sailing legend Jon Sanders is undertaking his 11th Solo Global Circumnavigation, and he’s using Nebo to log this record-breaking voyage on Perie Banou II.

Jon was the first person to circumnavigate Antarctica solo, and he’s undertaken the longest voyage ever sailed (three times around the globe, non-stop). Nobody has spent more time alone at sea on a continuous voyage (419 days).

This time Jon is sailing for a cause. He’s sampling the world’s oceans for micro-plastics, and sending the samples back to Curtin University in Australia for analysis. You can read more about this scientific endeavour here:

Oh, and Jon is 80 years old. Just saying.

Nebo and Jon Sanders

Jon is sailing well out of cellular phone/data coverage, so we’ve hooked Nebo into the Iridium GO! satellite tracker on board. Nebo receives a position update every 5 minutes, even in the middle of the widest ocean. You can follow Jon’s progress on this map, or if you’re a Nebo user you can search for Perie Banou II in the app.

You can keep up-to-date with life on board via Jon’s blog updates here:

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