How does Nebo automatically log my voyages?

One of the most common questions we’re asked is “How does Nebo produce those very detailed log entries while I’m underway?” Here’s an insight into the smarts operating behind the scenes.

Say you’re boating on Sydney Harbour, Australia. Your log might look like this:

  • 08:36 Departed Rose Bay Marina
  • 08:54 Passed 349m north of Clark Island
  • 09:17 Passed 123m north of Fort Denison
  • 09:48 Passed 275m north of Sydney Opera House
  • 09:57 passed under Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • 10:12 stopped voyage at Lavender Bay

Nebo does all of this automatically, and while it may seem like magic, it isn’t. It’s actually a combination of smart technology and a lot of hard work.

Here at Nebo we’re building the world’s largest and most accurate database of maritime geofences. That means we’re constructing ‘virtual boundaries’ around every significant maritime feature that we can.

Nebo Geofences on Sydney Harbour, Australia (Image Google Earth)

For example, we’ve constructed geofences for around 2000 features in Florida, including marinas, bays and bridges. In Croatia, we’ve added around 1500. We’ve geofenced much of the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, and we’re adding more daily.

Nebo detects when your boat crosses a geofence boundary, and adds a log entry.

If we haven’t covered your region, you’ll still receive an automated log with your track, the weather and any photos you’ve taken.

Covering the globe is a big task, but we’re up for it. We’d love you feedback, and please let us know via if we haven’t covered your region yet, and we’ll prioritise it.

Happy boating!

The Nebo team

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  1. Nebo says :

    […] Since launch, Nebo has also been active in charter fleets, and we’ve added thousands of geofences, (virtual boundaries), around every significant maritime feature that we can. Find out more about our geofencing here.  […]

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