Major Update boasts a host of new features to enhance your boating!

In keeping with our mission to create a safer and more connected boating community, we are excited to introduce you to our latest app update which boasts a host of new features to enhance your boating.

With this major release, Nebo brings new features that will help you more easily connect with your boating friends.

The key words above are “boating friends”. Nebo isn’t trying to build a broad social platform like Facebook. We want Nebo to be all about boating, and all about sharing the journey.

These new features are a first step, and we hope that you’ll provide feedback to help us deliver what you and your boating friends really need. Importantly, if you decide not to interact with friends in Nebo, you’ll still enjoy all of Nebo’s voyage logging functionality.

Be sure to update your app today. We would love to hear what you think, please drop us an email with your thoughts at

The Nebo Team
Host of new features to enhance your boating

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