Help us improve the Nebo Geofences and your Daily Log

Nebo Boat Log App - geofences

Here at Nebo, we maintain the world’s largest database of nautical geofences, and we do this so your automated logs can be more than a track and a list of coordinates.

If your logs are looking a bit plain, we want to help!

Here’s what a log will look like in an area without Nebo Geofences.

Nebo Boat Log - Log example

And here’s what a log looks like in an area with Nebo Geofences. It’s much easier to read, and remember all of the log entries shown are automated. The skipper didn’t type anything!

Nebo Boat Log App - Log example

If your log is looking a bit plain, let us know where you like to go boating, and we’ll get the Nebo Geofences in place.

Simply drop us an email and we’ll ensure your favourite cruising ground is geofenced as soon as possible so you can start receiving more detailed logs.

The Nebo team

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