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It’s easy to operate using settings you are most familiar with. To change your imperial and metric settings, simply go to:

  • Other > Settings

You can select settings for:

  • Speed – knots, kilometers per hours or miles per hour
  • Distance – nautical miles, kilometers, miles
  • Short Distance – metres, yards
  • Temperature – degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit

You can also turn on and off:

  • Satellite View
  • Auto Stop function
  • Battery Save Mode

Simply tap your preferred settings, then the back arrow at the top left “<" and you are ready to go! change your imperial and metric settings

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Category: My Settings

Like any GPS tracking app, Nebo can drain your battery. If your boat has charging facilities, it’s best to keep your device on charge whenever possible. There are a couple of things you can do to save battery power while using Nebo.

Switch on ‘Battery Save Mode’ by following these steps:

  • Other > Settings >
  • Battery saving mode > Toggle on Battery saving mode to ON

Turn your screen off:

We also recommend that you switch your screen off when you’re not interacting with Nebo. We’ve found the screen can be a power guzzler, so whenever possible, keep it turned off.

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