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If you would like to make your own weather notes in your log, it is easy to add or edit weather observations in Nebo.

Nebo’s weather is sourced from Dark Sky which is one of the most accurate sources of hyperlocal weather information. However it is sometimes nice to be able to add real-time local conditions.

If you would like to edit or add your own weather information, here’s how:

  • Standby > Prepare for voyage > Start >
  • Click on the ‘pen icon’ above the map. Here you can write your own log notes.
  • Click on the ‘Weather’ tab and you can also edit the auto-populated weather and/or add your own weather observations.
  • Click on DONE, your weather notes are recorded and you are taken back to the map screen.
edit weather observations in Nebo

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If you would like to make your own notes in your log, it’s easy to add a text log entry while in a voyage in Nebo, here’s how:

You can add as many or as few notes as you wish while underway. This function is perfect to make note of points of interest, sail changes, engine on/off, crew shift changes etc.

add a text log entry

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Sometimes it’s necessary to add multiple skippers to a boat. If you share ownership of your boat, it’s great to have Nebo automatically report on usage.

If each skipper uses Nebo, your Monthly Report will have a section for each skipper, showing their hours, distance traveled etc.

In order for Nebo to correctly report of shared usage, it’s important that your vessel is ‘created’ in Nebo only once. Additional skippers can then be registered to that boat.

Let’s presume you’ve added the vessel to Nebo, and that you now want to add a new skipper.

  • First, ask the new skipper to create an account in Nebo, but to skip the boat registration step.
  • When they’ve done that, tap Other > Profile > My Boats on your device.
  • You’ll see your boat in the list. If you don’t, you can add your boat by tapping the “+” icon.
  • To add the additional skipper, tap on your boat name, scroll to the bottom of the screen, and tap “Edit users”. Next, tap the “+” icon at the top of the screen.
  • Enter the new skipper’s email address. Note that this must be the email address they entered when they created their Nebo account.

That’s it! When the new skipper restarts Nebo, they’ll be able to start a voyage using your boat, and you’ll both receive a monthly report detailing boat usage.

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how to add multiple skippers to a boat

If is very easy to set up your boat in Nebo, simply click:

  • Standby > Prepare for Voyage > and you will be prompted to add the details of your boat including:
  • Boat Name, Make/Model, Length, Beam, Draft, Year Launched, Home Port & Call Sign.
  • You can even add a photo, add different skippers if you have multiple and also set up your Pre-start Checklist.
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom and hit CREATE and you are all set to go.

PLEASE NOTE: You can add as much or as little detail as you want here. You can always go back and complete the information at a later stage.

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How to set up your boat in Nebo

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Never forget to unplug your shore-power or to take ice again! You can now create a customised start-up list for each of your boats in Nebo. You can set up your Pre-start Checklists by choosing from a range of suggestions or you can completely customise the list to suit your boat.

They are quick and easy to set up. Simply go to:

  • Other > Profile > My Boats >
  • Then choose the boat you wish to set up with a checklist >
  • Scroll down to ‘Pre-start Checklist’ >
  • You will then be presented with a pre-populated list. You can delete any of these that are not relevant by clicking on the red circle to the left of the item, then hit DELETE.
  • To add new items, click on the “+” sign in the top right of screen, then scroll to the bottom and type in your extra item/s.
  • Be sure to scroll to the bottom and hit SAVE to save your list.
  • NOTE: You can easily re-order these in order of importance, simply drag and drop each item to where you want them.

After setting up your Pre-start Checklist, when you ‘Prepare for Voyage’, you will see your Pre-start Checklist under your boat name. Simply click on the list and tick off your list before your get underway.

set up your pre-start checklists in Nebo

This feature helps you always remember the critical items that must be addressed before departing the marina or anchorage. Happy boating!

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Taking photos in Nebo is a great way of enhancing your log and preserving your memories. We understand that sometimes you want to take a photo for your own log but not share it. Here is how to take a photo & save it but not share it to the Nebo Feed.

From any screen in Nebo:

  • Click the ‘Camera’ icon in the centre of the bottom menu and take your pic.
  • You can then add a ‘Photo caption’, this is optional.
  • You then see “SAVE & SHARE”, click this if you want to save this pic to your log AND share your pic to the Nebo Feed for people you have friended in Nebo to see.
  • If you want to save it just for your log only, click on the “EYE ICON” to the right of SAVE & SHARE, you will be presented with the option SAVE. Click this to save to your ‘My Logs’. This photo will not be shared on the Nebo Activity Feed.
  • If you don’t like the pic and don’t want to save or share it, simply click the back arrow at the top left.
How to take a photo & save it but not share it to the Nebo Feed

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If you have saved a photo or a log with the ‘Share to Feed’ function ON but now want to remove this from the feed, follow these steps to remove a log or photo you have already shared to the Nebo Feed:

Click on:

  • Feed > My Logs >
  • Scroll to the Photo or Log you wish to remove/hide from the Feed.
  • Click on the eye icon under the log or photo. This will remove the visibility of this log or photo from the Activity Feed.
  • You will still have this log or photo stored in your ‘My Logs’ but it will no longer be visible on the Nebo feed (ie: to anyone you have ‘friended’ on Nebo).
How to remove a log or photo you have already shared to the Nebo feed


  • Your voyages and photos are only shared with Nebo users you’ve specifically ‘friended’. Click here to find out How to Find and Connect With Friends in Nebo.
  • Your posts do not get shared to their friends, unless they are also your friends.
  • If you wish to re-share your logs or photos, simply click the ‘Eye Icon’ button back ON.

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It’s easy to like or comment on your friends voyages.

  • Click on ‘Feed’ from the bottom menu (your app will default to ‘My Logs’ which shows all of your logs).
  • Click on ‘Activity’ next to ‘My Logs’ to see yours and your friends logs and photos that they have shared.
  • To like or comment on your friends voyages, scroll to relevant voyage and use the ‘thumbs up’ icon to like or click on the ‘message bubble’ icon to write a comment.
How to like or comment on your friends voyages in Nebo

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Nebo’s Activity Feed is where information you share gets posted. When you save a voyage it will automatically be posted to the Nebo feed (unless you turn this function OFF). Here is how to turn this function off to hide your logs and photos from the Nebo feed:

  • When you are underway and want to finish your voyage, click STOP
  • You will then see ‘Share to Feed’ above ‘Stop Voyage’ & below ‘Engine Hours’.
  • Simply toggle this button OFF, if you do not wish to share your voyage to your feed.
hide your logs and photos from the Nebo feed


  • Your voyages and photos are only shared with Nebo users you’ve specifically ‘friended’. Click here to find out How to Find and Connect With Friends in Nebo.
  • Your posts do not get shared to their friends, unless they are also your friends.
  • You can also decide not to share particular voyages and photos at any time. If you wish to share a voyage, simply click the ‘Share to Feed’ button back ON.

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In this post we show you how to delete a voyage in Nebo. This is helpful when you have run some ‘test’ voyages or if you simply do not want to keep a particular voyage log for any reason.

Our latest update makes it easy to delete a voyage from Nebo, go to:

  • Feed > My Logs
  • Click on the voyage you would like to delete, this will bring up details of that voyage.
  • Click on the pencil icon
  • Select ‘Delete’
delete a voyage in Nebo

That’s it!

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Our latest update allows you to delete a boat from your list of boats. This is particularly helpful when you have sold a boat or have set up any ‘test’ boats in your Nebo profile.

It is now very easy to delete a boat from your list, go to:

  • Other > Profile > My Boats
  • Select the boat you wish to delete, this will open up that boats profile
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on “Delete”
How to delete a boat in Nebo

You’re done!

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By starting a voyage, Nebo will commence auto-logging you journey. To start a voyage in Nebo, follow these steps:

Click on:

  • Standby > Prepare for Voyage
  • If you haven’t already added a boat, Nebo will prompt you to do so.
  • If you have your boat set up, simply hit START and you are set to go.

Optional Extra Functions:

  1. Give your voyage a name. This is optional, Nebo will automatically give your voyage a name if you do not wish to custom name your voyage.
  2. Select a boat, if you have more than one set up in Nebo. To see how to switch between boats click here, How to Switch Between Boats When Starting a Voyage.
  3. Work through your pre-start checklist (optional).
  4. Enter the names of any crew or guests (optional).
How to start a voyage in Nebo

Click START and Nebo will commence logging your voyage. Happy boating!

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When you complete your voyage and wish Nebo to stop auto-logging your trip, you can stop a voyage in Nebo by simply clicking STOP on the main underway screen.

How to stop a voyage in Nebo

You can then:

  1. Add a location name, if Nebo hasn’t added one for you
  2. Nominate your vessel status at the time of stopping (eg. in a pen, on a mooring, at anchor etc)
  3. Record the engine hours
  4. Share your voyage to the Nebo Feed so your friends can see you voyage. You can choose to switch this function on or off.
How to stop a voyage in Nebo Mobile app

You will also be asked to choose one of the following actions:

  1. Stop Voyage – your voyage will be saved to your log and also posted onto the Nebo feed (if you set “Share to Feed” as ON). Only your Nebo friends will see your activity on the Feed.
  2. Discard Voyage – your voyage will be discarded, and not saved to your log or feed, (this is handy for test voyages).
  3. Resume the voyage – Nebo will continue to log your voyage

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Photos are a great way to preserve your memories and enhance your log. You will be pleased to know that it is very easy to add photos to your Nebo log.

Simply start a voyage:

  • Standby > Prepare for Voyage > Start
  • You will then see the CAMERA icon bottom centre of your screen. Simply click on the camera and take as many pictures as you like.
  • These pictures will automatically be included in your log that is sent daily via PDF to your email.
  • If you decide to share you log to facebook, you will be asked to select which pictures you would like to include in your facebook post. Simply select the ones you want to include and click ‘Next’. These will now be displayed with your track and stats on your facebook.
add photos to your Nebo log

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Nebo allows you to easily share your log to facebook. Your friends will see your track and any photos you choose to include.

To share your log to Facebook simply follow these steps:

  • Feed > you will be defaulted to see MY LOGS
  • Scroll to find the voyage you want to share
  • Click on the facebook icon to the right of the voyage date >
  • Select any photos that you want to include & click next >
  • You are then taken to the Facebook platform >
  • Comment about the log (if desired) and choose who you wish to share with >
  • Click Post >
share your log to facebook

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