We are seeing more and more Charter boats using Nebo!

Nebo is the mobile app that is revolutionising the charter boat industry by helping charter companies streamline their operations and enhance their customers’ experience.

Check out this short video highlighting the many benefits of Nebo to charter boat operators.

Contact us today to find out how quickly and easily we can have your charter company set-up to take advantage of Nebo’s features. Setup is easy and the benefits immediate.


We were introduced to this app whilst on a flotilla sailing holiday in Croatia. It was so easy to use, just started the journey each day and then ended it when we moored up for the night.

We could track where we were at all times (as well as where other boats in our flotilla were) and it gave accurate views of the harbours & marinas which made it really easy navigating our way in at the end of the day.

When we came home I realised we could print off an our daily maps and details of each days sailing, which included hrs if sailing, wind speeds, nautical miles covered and much more. It even gave a weekly summary.

I would definitely recommend this app for accuracy and ease of use.

Thanks so much from the Lazilines crew.