Charter Operators & Their Guests Love Nebo

Nebo - charter operators

Charter Operators & Their Guests Love Nebo

Many Nebo users are recreational skippers who use Nebo to log their voyages and let friends and family know where they are on the water. However, there’s another group of users that’s growing all the time: charter companies and their guests on bare boats and flotillas holidays. There are many reasons why charter operators & their guests love Nebo.

Charter guests love Nebo as they can see and communicate with other boats around them, (socialise or ask for assistance) and the log is a great souvenir of their holiday. Nebo also allows them to easily share their daily logs and photos on their preferred social networks further preserving their memories and perhaps making those back home a little envious.

The Charter companies operations teams are also loving Nebo as they can track their fleet on Nebo’s Fleet Dashboard right from their mobile phones or desk top computers.

Charter Operators & Their Guests Love Nebo

Nebo’s Charter Dashboard for Fleet Tracking.

This enhances their guest’s safety and gives the operator peace of mind knowing where all the boats in their fleet are located at all times. They can message one boat or a whole flotilla to keep them updated with any news, weather or local events.

With so many guests sharing their experiences through Nebo, the companies are also seeing greater brand awareness across all social media platforms which is an added bonus.

Sunsail adopted Nebo for their Croatian operations in 2017 (a big call out to Keith Harvey at the Dubrovnik base – thanks again for your support!), and are currently planning a roll-out to five more bases.

“Nebo is like second nature. The hosts ask the guests to download Nebo, they scan a QR code unique to their boat, I add them to the flotilla and we’re done. It is just so easy to administer and for the guests to use and enjoy,” says Keith.

Our most recent addition is Charter Yachts Australia in the beautiful Whitsunday Islands, thanks to Annie and John who are the owner operators. Charter Yachts Australia sales manager Emma has recognised that Nebo is adding value immediately.

“Our team were just around my computer watching the vessels on their journey via the Dashboard which is a first for us, it is great to know for sure where every boat is at all times. The daily logs are amazing, and we’re quite suprised just how much data has been logged”, Emma said.

So, if you’re lucky enough to be a guest going on a charter, or a charter company wanting to add to your guest’s experience, download Nebo, get in contact and get onboard!

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