Nebo – Boat Logging Made Easy!

Nebo is a boat logging app that makes it easy to record and share your boating memories and experiences.

You can share your boat log with family and friends, members of your club,or with the larger community via social media.


  • Automated start / stop
  • Added safety
  • Added security
Small black electronic boat tracking device called nebolink

Get on the water
and tap start.

If you like smart technology that’s easy to use, you’ll love Nebo

Just download the Nebo boat logging app, set up your Nebo profile and tap start.

  • Automatic Boat Log Keeping
  • On water community interaction
  • Streamlined sharing via social media

Share with a few

Nebo makes it easy for you to share your boating journey with a select few – family, friends, or members of your club.

Share with many

Nebo integrates seamlessly with Facebook (and soon Instagram) to enable you to share your journey and experiences. Post your voyage track, voyage stats and photos without leaving Nebo.

Track Me

Share your location with anyone via SMS, email, WhatsApp, Messenger etc. They’ll see a map showing your location, without having to install Nebo! Use Nebo’s Track Me to complement your normal safety routine. It’s nice to know someone has your back!

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