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Yes, you can set yourself up to be the skipper of multiple vessels and when you click “Prepare for Voyage”
you can select which vessel you will be undertaking the voyage aboard.


  • Other > My Boats
  • Click on the “+” sign top right of the screen >
  • Enter the details of your new vessel and scroll to the bottom and tap UPDATE.


  • Other > My Boats
  • Click on the boat you want to amend, make the changes and scroll to bottom and hit UPDATE.

You can add as many vessels as desired just be sure to choose the correct when when you “Prepare for Voyage”.

To CHOOSE A DIFFERENT VESSEL when starting a voyage:

  • Click “Prepare for Voyage”
  • Click on the “>” symbol beside boat that is displayed by default.
  • This will open a drop down list with all your active boats.
  • Choose the correct one and then the back arrow and you are set to go!

It’s easy to operate using settings you are most familiar with. Simply go to:

Other > Settings

Nebo settings change
You can select settings for:

  • Speed – knots, kilometers per hours or miles per hour
  • Distance – nautical miles, kilometers, miles
  • Short Distance – metres, yards
  • Temperature – degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit

Simply tap your preferred settings, then STANDBY and you are ready to go!

Like any GPS tracking app, Nebo can drain your battery.

If your boat has charging facilities, it’s best to keep your device on charge whenever possible.

There are a couple of things you can do to get the most out of your battery when underway:

1. Switch on ‘Battery Save Mode’
Nebo’s ‘Battery Saving Mode’ reduces the frequency with which Nebo ‘checks in’.
Simply go to: Other > Settings > Battery saving mode > Toggle on Battery saving mode

Nebo - Boat logging app - battery save mode

When this mode is enabled, your boat’s location won’t update as often on other Nebo user’s screens.

2. Turn your screen off
We also recommend that you switch your screen off when you’re not interacting with Nebo. We’ve found the screen can be a power guzzler, so whenever possible, keep it turned off.

You can always decide to hide your location while still enjoying the benefits of Nebo.

It’s easy. Just go to:

Other > Settings > Profile Visibility >

Nebo - boat logging app - stealth mode
You can choose between:

  • Visible to Public
  • Visible to My Groups only
  • Visible to None

If you choose “Visible to None”, no one will get to know your favourite fishing spot!

To share your location, simply go to:

  • Other > Track Me > Share My Location
  • Click “Share my location” to share a link via via SMS, email, WhatsApp, Messenger etc.

When they click on the link, they’ll see a map showing your location, speed, and even the current weather. They don’t even need to install Nebo!

Use Nebo’s Track Me to complement your normal safety routine. It’s nice to know someone has your back!

NOTE: Your location won’t be updated if you don’t have a cellular data connection.

It is easy to share your Nebo boat log and photos taken to facebook.

To share your log to Facebook simply follow these steps:

Go to:

  • Logs >
  • Find the voyage you want to share >
  • Click on the facebook icon to the left of the voyage date >
  • Select any photos that you want to include & click next >
  • You are then taken to the Facebook platform >
  • Comment about the log (if desired) and choose who you wish to share with >
  • Click Post >

And you are all done.

Yes, you can still use Nebo to log your voyage whilst you are outside mobile phone range.

Nebo will still be tracking your voyage outside of mobile range and will fill in your route as soon as you enter mobile coverage again.

However, some features will not be active during periods when you have no mobile phone network.
These include functions that require phone coverage eg:

  • The “Track Me” function
  • Messaging function

A ‘voyage’ in Nebo is the track and log generated after you tap “Start’ and before you tap ‘Stop’.

That means you could stop logging a voyage at lunchtime, while you sit at an anchorage, and start again after lunch. In this case, you’ll have two voyages on that day. Both will be recorded in your log, and included in your Daily Report.

You could also choose to have Nebo log a single voyage all day.

Nebo will detect when you aren’t moving and will not include that period in the logged ‘Underway’ time.

Be careful not to run your battery flat! If you are going to go ashore,
it’s best to stop the voyage and start again when you get underway on the water.

To stop your Nebo voyage click “STOP” on the underway screen.
You can then:
1. Add a location name, if Nebo hasn’t added one for you
2. Nominate your vessel status at the time of stopping (eg. in a pen, on a mooring, at anchor)
3. Record the engine hours
You will also be asked to choose one of the following actions:
1. Stop Voyage – your voyage will be saved to your log
2. Discard Voyage – your voyage will be discarded, and not saved to your log (handy for test voyages)
3. Resume the voyage – Nebo will continue to log your voyage

To start logging a voyage in Nebo, tap “Prepare for voyage”.
If you haven’t already added a boat, Nebo will prompt you to do so.
You can then:
1. Give your voyage a name (you can over-ride Nebo’s default voyage names)
2. Select a boat, if you have more than one
3. Optionally work through your pre-start checklist
4. Enter the names of any crew or guests
Click “Start” and Nebo will commence logging your voyage.

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